THE CARIBS IN ACTION AT THE KINGSTON SHERATON HOTEL Jamaica, a happy mixture of different Peoples is a veritable melting pot of music. From the folk music of Africa to the lively "Jump Up" and the trend setting Ska, Jamaican music, although wide in variety has one thing in pulsates ' with life.

The Caribs fit this pattern exactly. Their music as this record shows, is as varied as it is lively. Since they came together, THE CARIBS have won acclaim in such hard-to-please places as Kingston's Glass Bucket Club, Caymanas Country Club, the North Coast's Tower Isle Hotel, and the famous Kingston Sheraton Hotel.

The versatile selection on this record gives only a brief introduction to the full range of this popular group. It does, however, tell a lot about their understanding of the West Indian musical idiom. For example, the Calypsos of Dennis Sindrey ("Going down to Jordan" and "The River") capture to the full this uniquely West Indian musical form. The ballads of Carl Reynolds ("More" and "I wish you love") although not expecially West Indian in origin retain in this interpretation the true flavour of the Caribbean. Of course, when it comes to The Ska (represented here by Billy "Deacon" Dean's version of "Bangalou" and "Sammy Dead") you realize that you are listening to music that was born right here in Jamaica and sung as only a Jamaican could sing it.

Talented Pianist and Arranger Peter Stoddart, leads the group with background by Steve Lauz (Bass) and Ainsley O'Reilly (Bongo's).


The original Caribs after whom the Caribbean is named were a tribe of maurauding Indians who caused more than a little trouble by their plundering raids in and around the Caribbean Islands. They also earned quite a reputation for taking the women by storm. Luckily their infamous deeds are a thing of the past but, THE CARIBS who made this recording and who borrowed their name have followed their example and have (musically speaking) taken Jamaica by storm.

Peter Stoddart ................. Piano

Dennis Sindrey......... Guitar & Vocal

Steve Lauz.................... Bass

Billy "Deacon" Dean ... Drums & Vocal

Carl Reynolds ................. Vocal

Ainsley O'Reilly .............. Bongo

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